Events/Professional Shots     Television-(Longform)  
      Avalanche/Escape from Alaska       Black Friday --> The Kidnapping  
      Behind Enemy Lines       Another World -Bay City  
      Beyond Forgiveness (TV)       Cold Case      
      Blackpoint       The Closer  
      Crackerjack (TV)       One Tree Hill    
      Excessive Force        Beyond the Prairie 2   
      For the Cause/Final Encounter       The Secret of Giving  
      High Adventure (Quatermain)       The Unexpected Mrs. Pollifax  
      Hollow Point/Lethal Point (TV)       A Vision of Murder     
      Karate Kid III        The Rock Hudson-Story  
      Kull, the Conqueror    
      Timecop 2: The Berlin Decision    
      The Sea Wolf    
      Ulterior Motives   Music Video "What Do You Say"  
      John Carpenter's Vampires   Theatre   
      xXx/Triple X   Wallpaper   Cover and poster  

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